Minecraft Snapshot 12w36a released, adds decoration blocks

This week's Minecraft Snapshot includes some goodies that might impress you. Jens has pushed this weeks update today with a new type of skeleton called the Wither Skeleton, which is slightly darker in color than a skeleton and is found only in Nether fortresses. They are also taller, have a sword, and drop coal and bones (and a small chance of it's skull) when killed. The Wither boss has been much worked on, and can actually be spawned in game (place four pieces of Soulsand in a vertical T-shape and place 3 Wither Skeleton Skulls on top), and it now drops a 'Nether Star' which will be needed to craft a beacon block in the near future. Minor improvements include controlling pigs with carrots, occasional head drops from mobs, a new painting, you now breed chickens with seeds instead of wheat, and zombie/zombie pigmen have new texture layouts that break current texture packs. Get all the info at the source link.

Source: Minecraft Wiki

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