Anvils coming in tomorrow's snapshot, made for repairing tools

You see that up there? That's an anvil, the latest addition to Minecraft 1.4. Nathan Adams, known as Dinnerbone on Twitter, posted this screenshot today asking people if they knew what it was. He replied a few minutes later with, "That's a big "yes, anvil!". Cool, okay! It's surprisingly hard to do anvils without using triangles or pointy cones."  The use for the anvil is repairing tools, as this new GUI suggests. The anvil would improve upon the old method of repairing, by putting two tools into a crafting bench to combine their damage levels into one new item. The anvil supports repairing enchanted items (as seen here) as well as adding enchantments, which is what I believe the enchantment table is for. More details will come tomorrow when this is added into the snapshot and people get to try it out.

Source: Twitter

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