New LEGO Minecraft sets revealed, one village set and one Nether set

BPa--n_CEAEsZkJ.jpg_largeThere's a lot of Minecraft news today, and there's even more. Less than an hour ago, Mojang revealed new LEGO Minecraft sets at Comic-Con! The first new set (on the left in the picture) is called "Micro World: The Village" and features a NPC Village with a pig, zombie, and abandoned mineshaft. The second set on the right is called "Micro World: The Nether" and features a netherrack-style top, and a Nether Fortress underneath. The second set also includes two Ghasts, a player minifigure, and a Nether Portal!

The sets will likely be available from Jinx in the near future, seeing as the current set is already there. It may also be available from other online and physical retailers, but only time will tell. See the source link for the original tweet.

Source: Twitter

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Siggitron Mallontron
July 18, 2013 at 11:48 PM delete

thats great i already have the first one so i might be able to collect them