A letter from the editor

What's up guys! As you can tell, there's been a bit of a lack of posts recently, and I deeply apologize for that. The main reason is that evil thing people call High School. This year is pretty hectic, but hopefully things will calm down as the year progresses. There's a few other minor reasons (just got a new computer, and I'm transitioning everything to it). But I've been working to streamline the Powered by Redstone experience a bit, and focus my efforts on here. Because I know you guys depend on us to give you news on everything Minecraft. So here's some changes that are happening soon:

  • RetroInvader and The Pokeball are going away September 13th - I have started three other blogs since Powered by Redstone. The first, Red_Shift, shut down August 31st due to the game it was about (0x10c) ceasing development. The community around my other two sitse, RetroInvader (about old games) and The Pokéball (about Pokémon) have never received the traction it needed for me to spend extensive time with it. To focus all future efforts on Powered by Redstone, these two sites will shut down exactly one week from now on September 13th.

  • N0VA will be discontinued September 13th - We created the N0VA pack to allow users to play on the latest vanilla Minecraft, with all the mods most people install anyways (OptiFine, TooManyItems, you name it). We can no longer fulfill that promise, because the Technic Launcher has yet to support Minecraft 1.6 (more specifically, their new login system). We need to focus our efforts on the site, not on modpacks. We will be discontinuing N0VA on September 16th, and the pack will remain on the Technic modpack repository until September 30th (when it will be deleted). We had large plans for N0VA, but we don't know if the Technic Launcher will ever be updated.

  • More posts - I will attempt to write at least one post a day from now until further notice. I'm bad at procrastinating, so feel free to yell at me on Twitter or some other internet method it I don't keep my promise. Also some old authors (and new ones) will try to be more active. That's up to them though, I can't speak for 'em.

We know some of these changes are sad, but in the long run it allows us to focus our efforts on Powered by Redstone and it's community. We think each and every one of you is awesome, and we might have something special in store for you for our 3rd birthday in November ;)

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September 6, 2013 at 12:38 PM delete

Hey It's the dude from Climaxcraft:)

Caleb Hansen
September 6, 2013 at 12:41 PM delete

Thanks for the updates, hopefully high school goes smoother later in the year. Good luck to you!

September 6, 2013 at 1:49 PM delete

Also, I think you should edit the RetroInvader link and its content on Powered by Redstone.

September 7, 2013 at 10:35 AM delete

If the Technic Launcher does update, will you bring back N0VA?