Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition passes 11 million copies sold

4jMinecraft has revolutionized the indie gaming industry, and it is becoming one of the top-selling video games on every platform the game is available on. Today 4J Studios, the company responsible for the console ports of Minecraft, announced that the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft passed 11 million copies sold. The number includes copies sold through retail locations on disc and the online Xbox Live Arcade.

Even more astounding than the number is how it compares to high-quality, well-known video games for the platform. It has passed popular titles such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (7.5 million), Halo 3 (8.1 million), and has more than doubled the sales of Grand Theft Auto IV (4.3 million), only counting sales for the Xbox 360. There are now only two video games on the Xbox 360 console that have more copies sold than Minecraft, which are Call of Duty: Black Ops (12 million) and Grand Theft Auto V (15 million).

I'm excited to see where the sales numbers move to by the end of 2014, as well as seeing how it compares on the PlayStation 3 and next-gen consoles.

Source: Twitter

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February 4, 2014 at 6:05 PM delete

Minecraft is also third in the ps3 sales;second being call of duty:black ops and first being grand theft auto V