Celebrate Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition's birthday with a new skin pack and sales

Yesterday we predicted that a Halo-themed mashup pack would be coming to Minecraft: XBox 360 Edition to celebrate the game's second birthday (which is tomorrow). 4J Studios has confirmed today what they are planning, and it's much much better. Although we still expect them to release a Halo mashup pack in the near future, here's what they are planning for the next few days:

May 9th- May 18th
To start off, they are re-releasing the Birthday Skin Pack they made available for a limited time last year (during the game's first birthday). They are also unveiling a brand new Birthday Skin Pack featuring characters from popular Xbox franchises like Halo, Fable, Banjo and Viva Piñata.

May 9th- May 11th
For a shorter time than the above promotion, 4J Studios is making all mashup packs and skin packs 50% off. This does not include any of the Marvel-themed items.

Of course, all of these promotions only apply to the Xbox 360 Edition. We expect 4J Studios to do something similar for the PS3 Edition's birthday. See the source link for the original article.

Source: PlayXBLA

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May 11, 2014 at 1:06 AM delete

I so want to be that wither skin!