Pocket Realms will return after 0.10.0, dev Tommaso says

You may remember Minecraft Pocket Realms, the service created by Mojang modeled after PC Reams. Both services allows you to make a whitelisted Minecraft server for you and your friends without messing with port forwarding or anything else. For a few dollars a month, Mojang will host the world for you and your friends.

Pocket Realms was in an early public beta in the MCPE 0.7 days, and went offline shortly after. It was originally supposed to come back after 0.9.0 in a minor release, but it looks like it's being pushed back to 0.10.0 (or whatever update adds skins). Tommaso said on his Twitter account:
"[Jens] is on that [Pocket Realms], it will be after skins."

In the meantime, PocketMine Server for 0.9.0 has not reached a stable version yet (but it's getting there). Check out the source link below for the original tweet.

Source: Twitter

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July 28, 2014 at 1:07 PM delete

Actually, if you read the tweet, it is Johan, not Jeb, who is working on realms. Jeb's twitter is @jeb_, not @jbernhardsson

July 31, 2014 at 4:53 PM delete

I discovered a bug: Water doesn't push dropped items :(