Minecraft for Xbox One, PS4, and Vita coming August 19th?

With Mojang (and to a lesser extent 4J Studios) always being very open with the community, it's very rare that previously-unknown information is leaked. But it looks like a local GameStop store has just leaked the date for Minecraft on the Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita.

MinecraftForum user RoosterRider80 explains he went to GameStop a few days ago and asked the employees for a list of upcoming Xbox One gamse, when he recieved the below list. Among well-known titles like Destiny and Dragon Age, Minecraft for the Xbox One is shown to be released on August 19th.


He also says the employee working there told him a disc version would be available on the same day. This would be interesting, considering even for the PS3 Edition the downloadable version came before the disc version. But it's not unreasonable.

It's important to note that Minecraft for Xbox One/PS4/Vita has not yet been certified by Microsoft and Sony, and it seems strange that 4J Studios would announce a release date before going through certification. And this is coming from a Minecraft Forum post, which isn't the best place for information. But still, it's something to consider.

Source: Minecraft Forum

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That's cool! :D this is my favourite Minecraft news website!