Introducing PBR5, our new site theme!

I hinted at a new website redesign back on Monday, but today I'm proud to announce our new site design - PBR5! That stands for Powered by Redstone 5.0, in case you were wondering (our old theme was, you guessed it, PBR4). It's not entirely my own work, the base for the theme was Solon by athemes.  Let's take a look into what's new!

  • Designed to be easier on the eyes, with the black/white completely gone and a lighter shade of red

  • Sidebar content is now on the right, and bigger/easier to read

  • Theme doesn't load sidebar content on small screens, so it loads faster on mobile

  • Colored action bar/status bar on Android 5.0 Lollipop (only applies to Google Chrome)

  • Better support for being bookmarked on the home screen for iOS or Android, or as a live tile on Windows 8

  • Borrows some colors/design from Google's Material Design language

  • It just looks awesomer

There's still some bugs to work out, but I think that overall this theme is much better than the old one. Let me know what you think in the comments (and any issues that show up)!

EDIT: The comments are a different color because DISQUS hasn't refreshed yet, nothing we can do. But it should fix itself soon :)

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