First screenshots of Minecraft 1.9 revealed at Minecon, first snapshot soon

After nearly a year since Minecraft 1.8 was released, we are starting to see details about Minecraft 1.9 trickle out. Over the course of Minecon, the developers of Minecraft released a large amount of information regarding 'The Combat Update' - Minecraft 1.9.

As seen in the screenshot above, probably the most noticeable feature is that you can dual-wield weapons and objects in 1.9. I'm sure you can think of several uses for this, from blocking and attacking to mining while placing torches. One use it the new Shield item, which does pretty much what it sounds like. You can even customize the design like banners, as seen below.

[caption id="attachment_4144" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Shields in Minecraft 1.9 Shields in Minecraft 1.9[/caption]

The bow and arrow has a few new features, mostly relating to arrows. The new 'Spectral arrows' cause mobs to glow for a short amount of time, and gray arrows cause invisibility. It also has a few improvements with dual-wielding.

Potions receive a huge revamp in Minecraft 1.9. The largest addition in this department is that arrows can now be tipped with potions, which are applied on hit. This has a huge variety of uses, but probably the most useful in combat are poison arrows. There's a new potion that causes a player to start floating into the air, and then fall once it has lost effect.

The last major feature announced was the revamped End dimension. There are more than one islands in the End, with new structures called 'End City' on them. The Ender dragon can now spawn as many times as you want, and it protects the towers more as you destroy them. There is a number of other improvements as well, including a use for End Eggs beyond bragging to your friends - you can now create a potion from it called 'Ender Breath'.

If you want to read long lists of features, check out the megathread from Reddit in the source link below.

Source: Reddit

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Awesome! Can't wait to try out the snapshot!

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Wow this may actually be worth the wait.

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