Splatoon mini-game coming to Minecraft Realms

Are you a kid? Or a squid? Nintendo's widely popular Splatoon game was released back in May for their Wii U console, and less than a month later famous Redstone wizard SethBling managed to re-create parts of the game completely in Minecraft. While fun, it hasn't made it's way onto many servers due to the large amount of lag it would produce.

Marc Watson at Mojang recently tweeted a little surprise for Minecraft Realms users, as seen below:


If you don't know what Minecraft Realms is, and we don't blame you because we hardly write about it, it's Mojang's server-hosting service built directly into Minecraft. Starting at $13 a month, Mojang will host a private Minecraft server for you 24/7 that you can invite your friends to play on. Hopefully we will see Minecraft Realms expand into the new Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition in the near future.

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