Minecraft will be released on Xbox One in China later this year

With Minecraft being one of the most successful games of all time, it might surprise you to hear Minecraft hasn't really caught on in China. While there isn't any public statistics about Minecraft sales by country, a good indicator is Minecraft: Pocket Edition on the Apple App Store. While Pocket Edition is constantly at the top of the Paid Apps on the the Apple App Store, it's currently #32 in the Chinese App Store (source).

GearNuke reports that Microsoft is planning to release Minecraft on Xbox One (no word about the Xbox 360 Edition, we would presume not) before the end of 2015. They reportedly plan to do a huge marketing push to increase popularity of the game, hopefully to curb it's less-than-stellar popularity in the country.

Consoles in general typically perform poorly in China, as most players use their PCs for all gaming. Niko Partners estimated that both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One won't even reach a million users in China by the end of the year. Microsoft is hoping Minecraft can help push Xboxes in China, and hopefully serve as a gateway to other Xbox One titles.

Source: GearNuke

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i would really like to see how popular minecraft is in India

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