Telltale Games has news about Story Mode Episode 3 tomorrow, videos of it already online

Three days ago, we posted that there were rumors of Minecraft Story Mode's third episode arriving shortly. We said those rumors were most likely false as there was no evidence the third episode, "The Last Place You Look," was arriving before 2016. Well, I admit I might have been wrong.

Earlier today, Telltale posted this vague tweet:

Obviously that tweet doesn't five much away, but it's obvious it's about Episode 3. But it turns out Telltale has already sent out copies of Episode 3 to major Let's Players - including one YouTuber called TheDiamondMinecart. He has already posted a video on his channel showing part of Episode 3 (obvious spoilers):

Obviously if copies were sent out to select people, it means the episode is already finished, and Telltale could release it tomorrow. Let us know in the comments how you're liking Minecraft Story Mode if you've played it!

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