Five mods to personalize your Minecraft game

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We are all egocentric people to some degree and this is true also in Minecraft. It’s fun to personalize our appearance by the use of skins and some lucky ones even got capes. But there are certainly limits which makes heavy customization impossible. All players in Minecraft are of the same size and the only big difference (other than change of colors and layers) you can make to a skin is to reduce the arm size to three pixels instead of four.

Luckily there are hundreds of mods adding loads of customization functionalities to the game. I decided to reach out to a good friend of mine over at and ask him to put together some of his favorite player customization mods together with my own. (I later plan on shooting a video of them. Maybe I can add it here once it’s done!)

In this post we’ll mainly have a look at mods which you can use to customize your appearance. However, we’ll also add some others to the mix which can be used for changing your player animations and the GUI (graphical user interface). All of these mods can be used on servers.

Gender Mod

One of the problems for females playing Minecraft is that the skins look very bulky and masculine. The Gender Mod aims to solve this by adding new player models with different body structures. Females are slightly shorter than males. There are also separate player models for children which are about half the size of the adults. The female child is slightly taller than the male child.

Download (Minecraft Forum) | Guide

More Player Models

This one really takes player model customization to an entire new level. Customize the size of all separate body parts and add a bunch of different add-ons such as beards, horns or maybe even a skirt if you find that suitable for your character. If you have the patience and creativity you can design your character almost any way you want. This image demonstrates some of the options available but it’s mostly your own creativity which sets the limits.

Download (Official Website) | Guide

Hats Mod

The only existing clothing items in vanilla Minecraft are capes and the different armor items. If you want something different than a basic helmet for your head then these hats are the perfect additions. Neither of the hats give any armor protection but they will for sure make you stand out from the crowd. The majority of hats are just funny and not exactly the type of hat anyone would wear in real life other than to perhaps a masquerade.

Download (Official Website) (Remember to install iChun Util) | Guide

Smart Moving

This won’t really customize your appearance but it will make your movements in Minecraft appear a little bit different, and in that sense make it more unique and realistic. Let’s be honest. The default animations don’t look that great and this mod really does a great job changing almost every animation in-game. My favorite animations are probably the fly and swim animations.

Download (Minecraft Forum) (Remember to install the Render API) | Guide

Custom Crosshairs

The crosshair is the small marker in the center of the screen which is used to provide a better aiming experience. The default crosshair is a small grey cross which does little to stand out. By the use of this mod you can customize it to your liking. It’s possible to change the color, size and even the marker to any other symbol of your liking. Even if you don’t want to go too hardcore on the customization there are lots of things which can be easily adjusted from a GUI (graphical user interface) in-game.

Download (Minecraft Forum) | Guide

These mods are just some favorites. If you know of some other amazing mods which lets the player change the appearance of the character then please let me know in the comments because I’d love to know! As mentioned previously, I do intend to record a video on this subject and it would be great to get some suggestions on other mods.

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