'The Survivor's Book of Secrets' is now available in the US

Minecraft survival guides are a dime a dozen - Minecraft wikis, forum posts, even physical books. But earlier today, Mojang announced that their most recent book - 'The Survivor's Book of Secrets', is now available in the United States. Previously, the book was only available across the pond in the United Kingdom.

The book, as you could probbably guess, is a collection of tips and tricks from the 'Survivors' - people who have played Minecraft for years and want to share their tips. I'm not too sure if I would get a book instead of reading online guides, but at least the book itself has a high quality. Mojang says they were inspired by World War II era manuals, and it certainly keeps in line with that design inside and out.

This might make a good gift for younger Minecraft players - I'll be the first to admit trying to navigate Minecraft wiki can be a pain. The book isn't too expensive either - it's $9.99 on Amazon for the hardcover version. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and other book retail stores.

Source: Mojang

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