Minecraft snapshot 16W32A released, first snapshot of Minecraft 1.11

Today Mojang has released the first snapshot of Minecraft 1.11 - Snapshot 16W32A. Without further delay, here's the full changelog from Mojang's website:

Notable changes:
  • Some mobs are now more afraid to get wet in the water 
  • There are now more spawn eggs for many different mobs and this time they are working properly, so we’ll keep them 
  • Mob types are now separated like this: 
  • Guardian and Elder Guardian 
  • Skeleton, Stray and Wither Skeleton 
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager and Husk 
  • Horse, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Mule and Donkey 
  • Changed the duration of hunger and saturation effects 
  • Broke some bugs so they should not happen anymore 
  • Resource pack format changed slightly, it’s now using version 3 
  • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything 
  • Most commands can now use blockstate definitions instead of a numerical metadata value 
  • Snowmen are now 10% less derpy 
  • More robust handling of invalid items and hopefully less duping bugs due to this change 
  • Lightning storm will now attract less skeleton horses 

Bugs fixed in 16w32a:
  • [Bug MC-4] - Item Drops Sometimes Appear at the Wrong Location 
  • [Bug MC-9] - Dropped anvil makes no sound when it breaks 
  • [Bug MC-87] - When scaling a map with paper, shift-clicking on it won’t apply the correct scale level. 
  • [Bug MC-679] - Compass points wrong direction after returning from nether 
  • [Bug MC-1555] - Items get deleted when the crafting recipe overflows the inventory 
  • [Bug MC-2153] - Chickens’ necks have no texture 
  • [Bug MC-8293] - Dispensers spawn mobs without offset along the y-axis 
  • [Bug MC-14640] - No hunger bar when riding a Boat or Minecart 
  • [Bug MC-46341] - Some text isn’t translated and isn’t available on Crowdin 
  • [Bug MC-83185] - Fishing rod in offhand, bobber immediately disappears/goes to 0,0 
  • [Bug MC-83571] - Custom named bosses show “Wither” / “Enderdragon” at boss health bar 
  • [Bug MC-85320] - End Bricks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, bone blocks and structure blocks don’t show the right colors on a maps 
  • [Bug MC-87034] - Dragon’s breath and lingering potion area is invisible on minimal particles 
  • [Bug MC-88096] - When using spawn eggs on fences the mobs fall through 
  • [Bug MC-89064] - Lightning spawns Skeleton Horse when doMobSpawning/spawn-monsters is false. 
  • [Bug MC-90191] - Armorstands, silverfish and endermites in boats spin rapidly 
  • [Bug MC-91728] - Instant Health/damage potion tipped arrows got no effect 
  • [Bug MC-93619] - Shooting potion tipped arrow in creative mode reduces arrow count 
  • [Bug MC-93648] - Snow golems with pumpkins sheared off regain pumpkins 
  • [Bug MC-94978] - Throwable items fired from dispenser do not hit mobs for the first two ticks 
  • [Bug MC-95922] - Destroyed dropped Minecart items use entity name 
  • [Bug MC-96954] - Passenger Entities get dismounted client-side when rerendered 
  • [Bug MC-97916] - Items receive too much momentum when they’re squeezed 
  • [Bug MC-105560] - Hoppers become stuck on world reload at chunk borders 
  • [Bug MC-105787] - Structure void has unused model files
This release includes lots of under-the-hood changes, so don't be surprised if you run into more bugs than usual. Check the link below for all the details.

Source: Mojang

'The Survivor's Book of Secrets' is now available in the US

Minecraft survival guides are a dime a dozen - Minecraft wikis, forum posts, even physical books. But earlier today, Mojang announced that their most recent book - 'The Survivor's Book of Secrets', is now available in the United States. Previously, the book was only available across the pond in the United Kingdom.

The book, as you could probbably guess, is a collection of tips and tricks from the 'Survivors' - people who have played Minecraft for years and want to share their tips. I'm not too sure if I would get a book instead of reading online guides, but at least the book itself has a high quality. Mojang says they were inspired by World War II era manuals, and it certainly keeps in line with that design inside and out.

This might make a good gift for younger Minecraft players - I'll be the first to admit trying to navigate Minecraft wiki can be a pain. The book isn't too expensive either - it's $9.99 on Amazon for the hardcover version. The book is also available at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, and other book retail stores.

Source: Mojang

Microsoft CEO calls Microsoft "a perfect owner" for Minecraft

Microsoft buying Mojang was full of uncertainty - Microsoft had a history with killing off game studios. But overall, Microsoft and Mojang have created a symbiotic relationship that is boosting both companies into massive profits.

Microsoft's current CEO Satya Nadella recently had an interview where he discussed purchasing Mojang and LinkedIn. In the interview, he stated that Microsoft is helping both Mojang and LinkedIn reach their goals:
"When I look at both Minecraft and LinkedIn, they're great businesses that are growing," Nadella told Bass. "And so, in fact, if anything, our core job is to take that franchise and give it more momentum. In the case of Minecraft, it's the biggest PC game, and we are the PC company. Their growth was moving to console. We have a console. Therefore, we were a perfect owner. Same thing with LinkedIn. They're a professional network for the world. We have the professional cloud. Time will tell, but I'm very, very bullish."
While Minecraft on consoles continues to be a major groth, Microsoft has also established a team at Microsoft that works with Mojang on Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition. Thanks to the efforts of that teamwork, Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition now regularly receive major updates that were never possible before. Remember when the Pocket Edition 0.9.0 update took almost a year?

Source: Redmond Magazine

Notch doesn't miss Minecraft at all, according to recent interview

Markus Persson, better as known as Notch online, somewhat fell off the grid after leaving Mojang. With his huge payout from Microsoft's purchase of Mojang, he bought a mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Besides his Twitter account, he has rarely spoken publicly since he left Mojang - but he recently had an interview with The Escapist that shed some light on his life post-Mojang.

One of the questions he was asked was, "Do you miss Minecraft?", here is his response:
Surprisingly not at all, no. I stopped working on it quite a while before I sold the company, or maybe half a year until I decided to sell it, so it wasn't like I was working on the game. I already felt like I had passed on the torch to Jens [Bergensten]. And then when I sold it I was afraid of how I was going to move on to the next stage of my life, whatever that is. But once I signed the papers I felt immediate relief. I never set out to be an entrepreneur. I don't want to build an empire, I just want to write code. I don't feel resentful about it. Sometimes, very rarely, but I'll start the game up and go, "wow, did we build this?" (laughs)
He goes on to say that he occasionally plays the game to see what is new, but not much more than that. The rest of the questions are unrelated to Minecraft, so if you want to see the rest of the interview, click the source link below.

Source: The Escapist
Minecraft 1.11 snapshots start next week

Minecraft 1.11 snapshots start next week

Now with the whole Minecraft PC Edition team back from various trips, development on the next version of Minecraft is starting to pick up. Snapshots of the next release, Minecraft 1.11, may very well start next week.

While it is disappointing that it likely won't contain any major features, it's still something to look forward to. Minecon 2016 features Endermen in most promotional material, which would be a hint at what Mojang is planning for 1.11.

Mojang brings in new Minecraft PC developer

In the past year or so, rumors of Minecraft PC edition development slowing down or even ending have been rampant. With Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition having the goal of replicating all of PC Edition's features, the original game's ending seemed close.

But at least for now, the future of Minecraft PC Edition seem bright. Jens Bergensten, lead Minecraft PC developer, announced on Twitter that a new developer has joined the team:
Right now the new member is only known by her Twitter username 'LadyAgnes', as she has not yet been added to Mojang's official employees page. But with another developer on hand to work on PC Edition, it looks like Mojang is continuing to dedicate resources to the aging game.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is now one year old

It seemed like just yesterday we were surprised about the announcement of a Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, and here we are a year later. While originally met with panic of the PC edition being discontinued (and just general confusion), it then became clear that it was part of Microsoft's master plan to make all editions share the same code.

Windows 10 Edition continues to be developed alongside (and share most of it's code with) Pocket Edition, and since the Windows 10 Edition release, updates for both editions have only become more and more frequent.

However you look at it, Mojang posted this video to celebrate the occasion:

How are you enjoying Windows 10 Edition? Let us know in the comments below!