More details about Minecraft for Xbox 360 surface, coming 'Spring 2012'

The mystical Minecraft Xbox 360 game has slowly been coming to light since Minecon confirmed it, and even more details have emerged. First, skins and texture packs will not be supported in the Xbox 360 version (at least not at launch). Also, mods will not be supported because you can't decompress an Xbox 360 game like a jar file. Perhaps when the Mod API is finally added it will be ported to Xbox.

Four people will be able to play on the same console at once, and up to eight people can play together with Xbox Live. Achievements will be in the game, but may be different from the PC version. Xbox Live avatars based on Steve will come, but details are sketchy. Kinnect won't be supported at launch, and there is no price point yet.

There is no release date more specific than 'Spring 2012' unfortunately. The author of the source article said, "Carpenter also wouldn’t clarify on release date, re-iterating the ‘spring 2012′ message I’d had earlier, and which I cunningly re-interpreted as ‘end of March 2012′ – which Microsoft cheerfully told me to remove immediately."

Source: HookShot

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