Restore your biomes with BiomeEdit

With the new Minecraft 1.2 update, worlds are required to be converted to the new format. However, the new world files keep all the data except biomes. For example, YouTube game player CaptainSparklez updated to Minecraft 1.2 while he was making his survival series, which resulted in his jungle biome converted into a desert. This problem is affecting any worlds created in pre-1.2 Minecraft versions.

With BiomeEdit, you can restore biomes to their old ways, or even change it. You could make your beach house into a winter cabin! Unfortunately, it's not as easy as using MCEdit. You must use the command line interface, so it's not recommended for 'newbs'.

If you are still un-daunted by these limitations, you can get the program (as well as the source code) at the link below.

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