First update to Minecraft Xbox Edition coming soon, will be like 1.7.3

Good news for you early buyers of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: an update is on the way! As you may know, the current version of Minecraft for the Xbox is based on 1.6. It is this way because they started rewriting Minecraft code for Xbox around 1.6.

The new update will be equivelent to 1.7 on the desktop version, meaning almost all additions in 1.7 will be arriving to the Xbox. This includes pistons, sheers, new textures for cobblestone and bricks, stackable fences, and everything else that 1.7 brought the world. Minecraft 1.7 was my favorite version of Minecraft, because that is the version my best friend told me about and made me buy the game.

The update with all of this and more will be coming soon to an Xbox near you. Check the source link for much less details.

Source: Minecraft Forum

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