Minecraft Snapshot 12w25a released, adds fixes to LAN games

There hasn't been a whole lot of news coming out of Mojang in a while, but things are spiced up a bit today with the release of Minecraft Snapshot 12w25a. This week lots of new fixes are added to the experimental local multiplayer feature, making it less unstable. Also, villagers will change their trade after using it 3-15 times, and wooden stairs for the new wood colors are added. Bug fixes to Ender Chests are also here, and Minecraft now searches for LAN games automatically.

Jeb told us that the reason 1.3 is not out yet is related to local multiplayer. With both a client and a server running at the same time, the game runs much slower. However, Jens is figuring that out as you read this. Hit up the source link for the download.

Source: Mojang

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June 21, 2012 at 7:46 AM delete

please help, how to install snapshots?