Four ways to help you win in Survival Games

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As the popularity of Hunger/Survival Games server is on the rise, more and more servers allow players to battle each other for survival. We even reviewed one of the more popular servers. After playing a few games myself, here is three ways to help you survive in Survival Games servers.

The first way to help you survive is run from spawn once the game starts. If there are items in chests, you can grab a few and go. As soon as invincibility runs off, spawn will turn into a blood house. Literally, messages in the chat will go from 100 players remaining to 60 players remaining in about two minutes.

The second way to help your odds is to watch out for fakers. Before invincibility ends, look briefly at your opponents. What I call 'Fakers' are players with Diamond Armor Skins, Creeper Skins, Zombie Skins, etc. If you are pressured and can't think right, you might pass these off as what they are imitating (especially diamond armor skins). A good way to keep this from happening is installing a texture pack that changes the look of diamond armor and mobs, so the fakers will stand out from the real players. Also, there is a good chance that these fakers are Noobs, so they are easy prey. :)

A third tip is to use effective weapons. Regular swords have very little effect compared to other potential weapons. If you have access to flint and steel, you can set your opponent on fire. That way they take damage while you run away. Lava buckets are even more useful, by making much more damage and covering an area. Splash potions are the ultimate weapon, as long as you can hit them with it. Other items that could be used to harm players would be sand/gravel (suffocate them), water (drown them), and TNT (blow them up).

My fourth tip for you is to team up. Call up your buddies on the phone, text them, Skype them, etc. There are even players asking to team up before games begin. Teamed players can do a lot to help each other, include taking on players 2 on 1. If you know one of you will win, and you don't need anymore help getting 1st, trick your teammate into making himself easy to kill. Things like, "Can you take off your armor? I need to repair it," or "Let me enchant your sword," will usually do the trick. After he is missing either armor or weapons, kill him/her. Make sure to kill them in a safe place, so none of your opponents get their items.

I hope these tips will help you in your quest to become the ultimate survivor, and May the odds be ever in your favor ;)

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