Zombies to infect Villagers in Minecraft 1.4?

357px ZombieOne of the classic rules about zombies is that they infect people. That may be coming to Minecraft in 1.4, according to a tweet by @Dinnerbone at Mojang. Nathan said in a tweet, "Working on small stuffs for 1.4. Zombies infecting villagers, because nothing screams "fun" like a video game zombie apocalypse!" As of Minecraft 1.3, Villagers run inside at night, with very few of them staying outside long enough to be attacked by a zombie. Even then, Iron Golems kill any monsters including zombies. "The villager just instantly gets replaced with a zombie, for now. It's scary in a "oh dear exponentially growing zombie horde" kinda way," Nathan finished. Now that you can trade items with Villagers in Minecraft 1.3, are they worth saving from infection?

Source: @Dinnerbone

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