Minecraft for Xbox Update 10 passed certification, rolling out worldwide tomorrow

It might not be a feature-packed update, but every now and then we need a bug fix update to make Minecraft more stable. Minecraft for Xbox Title Update 10 has just passed Microsoft's certification according to 4J's Twitter. They announced earlier today, "TU10 has passed Microsoft Cert test, and will be released on Tuesday 16th April. Starts rolling out around 10am UK time." That translates into about 6 AM for New York (or any place in the Eastern Standard Time) tomorrow. But what could be in this bug fix update? Fixes like loading profiles on Silver LIVE profiles, lag caused by explosions, the correct sound for hitting Enderdragons, dispensers can suck lava and water back into an empty bucket, general lag in the End, and more. You can look at the whole changelog in the source link, and happy Minecrafting!

Source: Minecraft Forums

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