4J Studios confirms Minecraft for Xbox 360 will continue to be developed after Xbox One release

BMaid0BCIAEuG35.jpg-largeAt the yearly gaming conference of E3, we all got a little taste of Minecraft for the Xbox One. The updated game promised to take advantage of the console's hardware by allowing for extended multiplayer abilities (whether or not you will be able to host servers for the Xbox on a PC remains to be unknown) as well as larger worlds. But some worried that 4J Studios would abandon the 360 Edition after the new console is released. 4J Studios debunked the rumor in a tweet today, saying "Lots of people are asking if we'll continue updating #MinecraftXBLA after the release of #MinecraftXbox1. Yes, we will!" So there you go, one of the top selling Xbox Live titles will continue to be updated with new features after it's successor is released. See the source link for the original tweet.

Source: Twitter

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