Cnet takes down their Minecraft download page, after it was found loaded with malware


Software downloads sites can sometimes host software loaded with viruses, malware, or popups. And we can't forget that some install toolbars that are difficult to remove. But today, one of the top software hosting sites, took down their Minecraft download page due to it being loaded with malware. It started with someone asking Mojang in a Twitter message, "Downloaded Minecraft for my son, & along w it came GetSavin - intrusive ads, a co that gives digi media a bad name." Daniel Kaplan, a business manager at Mojang, replied with "Apparently [you] didn't download from - where did [you] get that version from?" He replied with, "Thanks for the response. I downloaded it from [link to cnet]". Mojang Support replied to him directly, saying "That link is not an official download link for Minecraft. It could have been malware, please install an antivirus. Sorry."

When we tried the link, we were surprised to see the page was taken down by Cnet. However, a cached version of the page by Google remains live. We decided to have a look, and attempt to install it for ourselves. Once we opened the downloaded .exe file, we were brought to this:


A few seconds later a multitude of error messages popped up. It appears that Cnet may have taken down the files needed by the installer program we downloaded as well. This is just another reason why if you need to download an application or game, ALWAYS go to the publisher's website/store. You can see the original tweet in the source link below.

Source: Twitter

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June 15, 2013 at 6:11 PM delete

wow it sounds bad

there was somebody who had no anti-virus and went on cnet and that link to the cached version is the exact same link exept it wasent a cached version
so he got a few viruses then a month later he checked his computer for viruses then he saw that virus
he posted it on yahoo asking for help on it and how to get rid of it and he also emailed mojang on it

May 26, 2015 at 11:43 AM delete


The youre really talented .