New Minecraft Launcher will have multiple 'user' accounts for one Mojang/Minecraft account

mcThe new launcher being developed is adding a lot of great features, and Mojang developer Nathan Adams just announced another one. He tweeted today, "Tomorrow will be back to work after this long weekend, so much bug fixing to do. Launcher may get an update to test the new [authentication] system which supports multiple Minecraft users per mojang account!" Clarifying it further in response to replies, he explained that even if you only have one Minecraft/Mojang online account, you can still create 'user' accounts that will have their worlds and settings separated from each other.

This is a great feature for shared computers, or you could have one user for vanilla Minecraft and one for all your mods. There are plenty of other uses for this as well. See the source link for the original tweet.

Source: Twitter

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