Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.8.0 screenshot revealed, more info about 0.9.0

BT-BNtPCcAAHmcY.png largeMinecraft Pocket Edition is evolving quickly. A few months ago PE didn't even have spiders, and now dynamic lighting is being added. Today, Mojang shared the above screenshot with the caption "Finally, this might be a legit screen from 0.8! Lots of changes there. Also, it's running on just an iPad mini now!"

Tom from Mojang went on to say, "Still needs quite a lot of work though… water and sky are too blue, the dpad is opaque an clouds are a bit meh. But there's real lighting!" Other confirmed additions include placing wood on the side. He continued with, "And caves + tall grass will be in 0.9, for those who are asking!"

Personally my biggest complaint with Minecraft Pocket Edition, even in it's current ever-changing form is the lack of button mapping. I have an Android tablet that has a clip-on keyboard, and I use the keyboard to play games in emulators with greater accuracy than with the touchscreen. Minecraft lacks button mapping, and it's not friendly with software that allows you to map onscreen controls to buttons. Hopefully it will be added in the future.

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