Minor update to the site theme

Hello all!

When we unveiled the revamp of our site's theme back on our third birthday in November, we told you that we were still actively working on the theme. Today we are happy to show off our updated theme, PBR 3.1. The changes include:

  • Removed featured article slider. It was just too cumbersome and difficult to adjust to our theme's needs, so we took it out.

  • Updated home page. Article lists on our home page are cleaner and have an adjusted font.

  • Future Updates. We have added a widget on the right side that shows the estimated release dates for new versions of Minecraft.

  • App Downloads: We have added links to our Chrome Web Store app and our new Firefox app, just click the link to go to the download page.

We hope that you like the small changes, and we want to keep Powered by Redstone nice and simple for all users. Let us know if you like the changes in the comments, and if you don't tell us why so we can work on it! Happy holidays from Powered by Redstone!

Corbin Davenport
Senior Editor for Powered by Redstone

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War kid 101
December 28, 2013 at 4:58 AM delete

Cool but I don't see a difference since I use this site on my school iPad and bookmarked it. First comment