Disney commissioned BlockWorks to create Tomorrowland in Minecraft, for whatever reason

You may have heard of Tomorrowland, a new Disney movie that will be released in theaters on May 22nd. The movie revolves around a teenager trying to find 'Tomorrowland', a city caught between time and space. The movie itself is expected to perform well, considering it's being directed by Brad Bird.


Perhaps looking for a brand new way to advertise for the movie, or just because their marketing budget is too high, Disney commissioned BlockWorks to create Tomorrowland in Minecraft. The result is astounding.


Like seriously.



But it goes beyond just a fantastic build, they even made it a minigame map. You can download the full map at PlanetMinecraft, but note it's only compatible with Minecraft 1.8.4 or higher.

I'm still confused why Disney would commission a Minecraft mini-game map to promote their new movie (besides getting websites like this one to repost it), but one thing's for sure - they hired the right people.


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