Brown University using Minecraft to develop artificial intelligence

One of the things us humans are good at is figuring out what needs to be done to complete a task. For example, if you're walking on a sidewalk and there's a puddle, you know to go around it. This is still a challenge for robots and artificial intelligence, which has yet to really figure that out.

Researchers at Brown University have been developing robots capable of 'learning' how to complete given tasks, and they are using Minecraft to accelerate research. Take a look:

Using Minecraft instead of the real world enables the researchers to quickly test new algorithms without having to worry about other systems (like the cameras working, robot fully working, etc). In the video, the artificial intelligence was tasked with getting from one side of a piece of land to another. The AI had to learn to either walk around lava, place a block over it, or jump over it.

Check out the source link below for more information about the project.

Source: Technology Review

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