Mojang adds ten new maps to Minecraft Realms, and lots of free trials

Minecraft Realms is Mojang's server-hosting service that makes it easy to set up private servers for you and your friends. For just $13 a month, you get your own private 'Realm' that you can manage straight from Minecraft. You can whitelist your friends, change the default resource pack from a list, switch worlds, and more.

Mojang is making the deal even sweeter today, with the addition of ten new minigame and starter maps that you can load into your Realm. These maps are all made by the Minecraft community, ranging from big names like VoxelBox to smaller YouTube channels like 'byBrutec'. Most of these are minigame maps, but there are also some 'starter' worlds for your creative or survival needs.

Mojang is also releasing 36,00 14-day trials of Minecraft Realms to Minecraft players worldwide. If you haven’t had a Realms subscription before, choose Minecraft Realms from the main menu, and if a trial link is shown, it’s yours to claim. Presumably there's not as many now as there was when Mojang released them, but you might get lucky. See the source link below for the full details.

Source: Mojang

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