PBR Build Contest #2: Fishing Village!

Its time to launch the 2nd PBR build contest! Now some of you are probably saying "but Adam, wasn't the last build contest #2?" and you would be right, but we never did finish that one did we? Welp, its time to do that!


  • Please have all parts of your build be your own. Do not download someone else’s build and say you built it.

  • Please restrain from using mods if possible. I understand if you use optifine, not enough items, etc. but please do not use block altering mods, such as chisel block etc.

  • You may use ANY version of minecraft to create your build. Including MCPC snapshots and PCPE builds.

  • You will not receive any extra credit for building in survival. This is because I can't know that you didn't build it in creative and then change your game mode to survival.

  • Do not use the contact form to submit entries, send your submissions to buildcontest@poweredbyredstone.net.

Once again these rules may not be the same next month, but for this month this is the way its going to be!

Lastly, as you probably saw in the featured image, the category is...the same as last time! Fishing Village! Enjoy!

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