PBR Build Contest: how to send in your build

Alright everybody its time for the build contest to come to a close. Bellow is a list of how to send in your builds.

  • Please email your build to: buildcontest@poweredbyredstone.net

  • You may send 1-5 pictures of your build, a short description of your build(no more than a paragraph), and a name or username to credit you by

  • All builds MUST be sent in by 11:59 P.M. EST on Friday August 28th

  • I will review your builds and announce a winner Saturday afternoon

So, now that you know how to send in your build, go ahead and put in those finishing touches and send it on!

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August 29, 2015 at 6:17 AM delete

As you all know, I am pumped for this build contest. Unfortuneatley, I was on a delayed plane until past the turn in time of the build... I already had my build done but I just hadn't sent in my build yet. I just sent it and I hope that the staff of Powered by Redstone will consider my build as I spent much time on my build and I could not control the plane. I waited until the last day because I was told the exact number if photos allowed would e revealed close to the due date but I missed it... Please consider my build!