PEGI rating for Minecraft Wii U Edition removed

Earlier this month, the rating for a 'Minecraft Wii U Edition' showed up on PEGI's website. To refresh your memory, PEGI is Europe's video games rating system - and they prematurely revealed the rating for a Minecraft Wii U Edition. Until this point, no information had been released about a Wii U Edition. There wasn't even any indication it was happening, and PEGI's rating meant it was the real deal.

The rating indicated the release was set for November 12th, possibly lining up with Nintendo's scheduled 'Nintendo Direct' online presentation. There was no news about Minecraft: Wii U Edition at all during the presentation, and nothing has been said by 4J Studios or Mojang about the game.

Yesterday PEGI mysteriously removed the rating from their website. If you're wondering if Wii U Edition is still happening, don't - PEGI only reviews games that the game creators send them. They don't go by rumors, Wii U Edition is 100% real. We just aren't sure when it's coming now.

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