Sony delays Story Mode Episode 3 for PS3/PS4 for Europe and other regions

Despite living in an era where you can see this post from any corner of the world, Sony still has some issues with regional distribution to work out. If you have been playing Minecraft: Story Mode on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, it's possible you haven't received Episode 3 yet. Don't worry - it's not you.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is responsible for managing and distribution PlayStation games across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India, Middle East, and South Africa. Due to what Telltale Studios only calls 'unforseen circumstances', the release has been delayed a day for PS3 (November 25th) and two days for PS4 (November 26th). They wrote, "there is a 48 hour delay releasing the PS4 version in SCEE territories."

Thankfully this has already been sorted out, but it is bizarre that Sony is making Telltale wait for an unspecified reason.

Source: Telltale Games

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