Changelog for 0.14 build 6!

Mojang's Pocket Edition blog just posted new details about the next update/beta. Here's what they said:

0.14.0 Build 6

Here's build 6, this time with a 100% more correct version in the watermark! This build has a pretty tiny changelog as we're starting the preparation to release 0.14 on all platforms, of course if you want to ruin everyone's party with a critical release stopping bug you can always report it here on JIRA!

  • Changing from Creative to Survival doesn't clear the inventory!
  • Added Splash Potion of Weakness (3:00) to the Creative Inventory

Bug Fixes
  • The watermark actually says "Build 6" :)
  • Fixed a crash with Redstone when playing online
  • Fixed a freeze caused by Rapid Pulsar Clocks
  • Fixed not being able to pick up items even if there is inventory space
  • Redstone Miner's face doesn't disappear when you put an helmet on
  • Fixed a performance regression during loading
  • Items won't duplicate in two toolbar slots when picked from the Creative Inventory
  • Missing faces when a Pressure Plate is placed next to leaves and Grass
  • Clients now synchronize properly Item Frame Maps' green arrows

    Source: Mojang

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    February 9, 2016 at 3:03 AM delete

    Have they fixed the bug if you type an Emoji, the game crashes?

    February 15, 2016 at 8:56 PM delete

    MC isn't made for emoji
    When will they finaly realse mcpe 0.14.0? im typing this im build seven and it is ment to be realsed this week