Changelog for 0.14 build 7!

Mojang's Pocket Edition blog just posted new details about the next update/beta. Here's what they said:

0.14.0 Build 7

You know what's better than Build 6? Build 7! Yeah, the last build was supposed to be the last, but then $(DELAY_REASON) so we made another one.
Please reports any more bugs that you find here on JIRA!

  • Maps are back to being created with 1:1 zooming, so Item Frame Maps aren't entirely useless.
  • Added the Redstone Specialists skin pack, but it can't be bought yet.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash with Villagers without a profession.
  • Fixed a crash with a nasty interaction between going in the Nether and Item Frame Maps
  • Fixed a crash when the second part of a double chest is destroyed while the chest is open
  • Also fixed a duplication issue in the same situation
  • Chest Minecarts can open again!
  • Boats spawn actually in front of you in multiplayer
  • Items in a Chest Minecart aren't duplicated or lost anymore

    Source: Mojang

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