Minecraft Realms now supports cross-play for Pocket Edition and Win10 Edition

Minecraft Realms is Mojang's private server hosting service, where anyone with a subscription can easily create and manage their own private server hosted by Mojang. This avoids all of the complicated manual server setup, and allows users to invite their friends to play from inside Minecraft itself.

Mojang just announced that Minecraft Realms is coming to both Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition. Also included is cross-play support for both those editions, so you can join a Pocket Edition server with Windows 10 Edition and vice-versa.

This is obviously what Mojang has been working towards since their acquisition by Microsoft - to allow people on any version of the game to play together. The obvious omissions are the Java PC Edition and the Console editions, and unless Mojang adds some kind of 'Pocket Edition mode' that disables anything in the Console and Java editions that aren't in Pocket Edition, it's unlikely cross-play will be compatible.

See the source link below for all the details, as well as instructions for testing it out.

Source: Mojang

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