Mojang releases 'Crown and Council', their first free-to-play game

It's not every day that Mojang, mostly only known for Minecraft, releases a new game. Their first free-to-play title, 'Crown and Council', was released earlier today on Steam.

Let's get something out of the way - Crown and Council isn't Mojang's next big game. The game was originally developed by Mojang employee Henrik Pettersson for a game development competition. Crown and Council is a "casual strategy game of geopolitical drama", in a pixel-art style. It feels a bit like the Risk board game, if you've ever played that.

From what I can tell, there's no in-app purchases to be found. I wouldn't be surprised if it never gets an update, but at least in it's current form it's a fun and simple game. The game is very light on system requirements, only requiring Windows 7 or later, 1GB of RAM, and basically any graphics card. See the source link for the page on Steam.

Source: Steam

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