More Minecraft for Oculus Rift details released

Minecraft on the Oculus Rift has had an interesting history. At first it was under development as early as 2014 while Markus Persson (aka Notch) still was at Mojang, presumably based on the Java edition of Minecraft. But it's days were numbered, and it was killed off by Notch after Facebook bought the Oculus company.

After Notch left the company during Microsoft's purchase of Mojang, John Carmack from Oculus practically begged Microsoft to let him try to make Minecraft work on the Oculus Rift. They said yes, and after seeing the impressive final result, announced they would begin working on a VR version of Minecraft.

With the release of Minecraft for Gear VR, Mojang has revealed more details about the upcoming Oculus Rift support in Minecraft. The first big announcement is the Oculus Rift will probably only work with Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. It's a shame they don't seem to be paying attention to the Java version of Minecraft, but there are already mods that add unofficial Oculus Rift support.

Mojang has re-worked Minecraft's controls for the Oculus Rift. Since it will use Windows 10 Edition, you can play the game with a keyboard/mouse or an Xbox controller while you have the headset on. While playing with the Oculus Rift, Minecraft will allow your head to "turn in snappy increments rather than a single arc", to reduce strain on your head. It also supports locking the cursor while you mine, so you can look around while still using your pickaxe. There are a lot of smaller improvements as well.

For all the details, check out Mojang's new VR page. No release date for Oculus Rift support is announced.

Source: Mojang

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