CubeCoders adding support for Minecraft PE to AMP

That title was kind of a mouthful, right? One of the most popular Minecraft server management tools ever is McMyAdmin. The team behind that, CubeCoders, currently develops AMP - essentially McMyAdmin, but supports more games and has more features.

Today they tweeted this on their Twitter account:

This essentially means that AMP users will be able to create and manage Pocket Edition servers in much the same way they can already manage PC Minecraft servers. Interestingly, they have chosen Nukkit as the server instead of the more popular PocketMine.

This might not seem interesting for players, but for anyone finding the server creation process too complicated, check out the source link below for more information about AMP.

Source: CubeCoders

(I wasn't paid to post this, I just think it's neat)

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