Minecraft console update fixes issues with new gamemode

There's a new minigame available on every console edition of Minecraft, called 'Battle Mode', that has been mostly welcomed by players. But the new mode has had a few notable issues on all platforms, leading 4J Studios to release a patch.

The new update should already be available, if not already installed, for every console edition of Minecraft. Here's the full changelog for your reading pleasure:

  • Disable kicking players during Public Battle rounds (the host in the lobby can’t kick a player during Public Battle rounds)
  • The host can’t exit the game during a Battle round
  • The grace period has been increased by 20 seconds
  • The Poison Potion have been increased to level 2 from level 1
  • All the sticks will have Sharpness 1 or more
  • The Fire Charge item has been replaced with Potion of Fire Resistance
  • The Diamond Chestplate has been replaced with Iron Chestplate
  • The Wooden Hoe with Fire Aspect has now Sharpness 1 added to it
  • The Wooden Shovel has been removed from the Center Chests
  • The Wooden Pickaxe from the Outer Chests now has Sharpness 1
  • The Wooden Shovel from the Outer Chests now has Sharpness 2
  • Various areas in maps where players were getting stuck have been fixed.
Let us know in the comments if you still have issues with the Battle Mode minigame.

Source: Neurogadget

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