Video: Controlling ceiling lights in Minecraft PC... with Siri?

I've seen some cool Redstone tricks, most recently a whole Pokemon game in Minecraft, but what toggling Redstone lights with Siri on an iPhone? Watch it in action:

Reddit user podpage posted this to the Minecraft subreddit yesterday, explaining he used the iOS HomeKit API to take commands from Siri. Here's his full technical explaination, if you're curious:

HomeKit Bridge is a simple HTTP-Interface. You can setup the Bridge server and connect your device to it (in my case a BukkitServer). To connect the Bridge to your iPhone you need an third party because "Home" in iOS10 don't accept your Bridge due the missing certificate (I used Eve). Let your iPhone sync and now you can use Siri on your iPhone oder AppleWatch to control your devices.

See the source link for the original Reddit post. However impracitcal it might be, it would be neat if he decides to release this as an app someday.

Source: Reddit

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