Minecraft snapshot 16W32A released, first snapshot of Minecraft 1.11

Today Mojang has released the first snapshot of Minecraft 1.11 - Snapshot 16W32A. Without further delay, here's the full changelog from Mojang's website:

Notable changes:
  • Some mobs are now more afraid to get wet in the water 
  • There are now more spawn eggs for many different mobs and this time they are working properly, so we’ll keep them 
  • Mob types are now separated like this: 
  • Guardian and Elder Guardian 
  • Skeleton, Stray and Wither Skeleton 
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager and Husk 
  • Horse, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Mule and Donkey 
  • Changed the duration of hunger and saturation effects 
  • Broke some bugs so they should not happen anymore 
  • Resource pack format changed slightly, it’s now using version 3 
  • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything 
  • Most commands can now use blockstate definitions instead of a numerical metadata value 
  • Snowmen are now 10% less derpy 
  • More robust handling of invalid items and hopefully less duping bugs due to this change 
  • Lightning storm will now attract less skeleton horses 

Bugs fixed in 16w32a:
  • [Bug MC-4] - Item Drops Sometimes Appear at the Wrong Location 
  • [Bug MC-9] - Dropped anvil makes no sound when it breaks 
  • [Bug MC-87] - When scaling a map with paper, shift-clicking on it won’t apply the correct scale level. 
  • [Bug MC-679] - Compass points wrong direction after returning from nether 
  • [Bug MC-1555] - Items get deleted when the crafting recipe overflows the inventory 
  • [Bug MC-2153] - Chickens’ necks have no texture 
  • [Bug MC-8293] - Dispensers spawn mobs without offset along the y-axis 
  • [Bug MC-14640] - No hunger bar when riding a Boat or Minecart 
  • [Bug MC-46341] - Some text isn’t translated and isn’t available on Crowdin 
  • [Bug MC-83185] - Fishing rod in offhand, bobber immediately disappears/goes to 0,0 
  • [Bug MC-83571] - Custom named bosses show “Wither” / “Enderdragon” at boss health bar 
  • [Bug MC-85320] - End Bricks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, bone blocks and structure blocks don’t show the right colors on a maps 
  • [Bug MC-87034] - Dragon’s breath and lingering potion area is invisible on minimal particles 
  • [Bug MC-88096] - When using spawn eggs on fences the mobs fall through 
  • [Bug MC-89064] - Lightning spawns Skeleton Horse when doMobSpawning/spawn-monsters is false. 
  • [Bug MC-90191] - Armorstands, silverfish and endermites in boats spin rapidly 
  • [Bug MC-91728] - Instant Health/damage potion tipped arrows got no effect 
  • [Bug MC-93619] - Shooting potion tipped arrow in creative mode reduces arrow count 
  • [Bug MC-93648] - Snow golems with pumpkins sheared off regain pumpkins 
  • [Bug MC-94978] - Throwable items fired from dispenser do not hit mobs for the first two ticks 
  • [Bug MC-95922] - Destroyed dropped Minecart items use entity name 
  • [Bug MC-96954] - Passenger Entities get dismounted client-side when rerendered 
  • [Bug MC-97916] - Items receive too much momentum when they’re squeezed 
  • [Bug MC-105560] - Hoppers become stuck on world reload at chunk borders 
  • [Bug MC-105787] - Structure void has unused model files
This release includes lots of under-the-hood changes, so don't be surprised if you run into more bugs than usual. Check the link below for all the details.

Source: Mojang

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